Slice of Mexican pecan pie

Mexican Pecan Pie

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No other dessert needs to show up at the table. Our Mexican Pecan Pie is delicioso! An abundance of pecans makes this pie wonderfully satisfying. Serves 8 22.92oz/650Ggr

Our founder, Érica, grew up eating and making this Mexican Pecan Pie. In fact, when Érica was a kid her mom started a pie-making business supplying pies to local supermarkets in Mexico. The demand grew so large that Érica can recall getting paid to make over 200 pies a day in the small bakery that her dad built for her mom!

INGREDIENTS Flour, sugar, margarine, butter, eggs, milk, soft creamy cheese, condensed milk, vanilla, maple honey, pecans

ALLERGENS Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Tree Nuts. Produced in a facility that uses Wheat, Almonds, Peanuts, Sesame Seeds, and Eggs.

NUTRITION PER SERVING 1 Slice 2.65oz/75g Calories 230, Fat 11gr, Proteins 4g, Sugar 17g, Carbs 29g.

THAWING INSTRUCTIONS Thaw in fridge 4-6 hrs. before eating or feel free to defrost it overnight.


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