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Slice of Mexican lime pie on a blue plate
Mexican Lime Pie

Dos Amigas

Mexican Lime Pie

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A popular dessert in Mexico, our tangy Mexican Lime Pie or Pay de limón is a cool, creamy treat that's oh-so refreshing on hot summer days. Serves 8 24.6oz/700gr.

Our founder, Érica, grew up eating and making this Mexican Lime Pie. When Érica was a kid her mom started a pie-making business supplying pies to local supermarkets in Mexico. The demand grew so large that Érica can recall getting paid to make over 200 pies a day in the small bakery that her dad built for her mom!

INGREDIENTS Maria Cookies, butter, cream cheese, crema, condensed milk, lime, and xanthan gum

ALLERGENS Wheat, Milk. Produced in a facility that uses Wheat, Almonds, Peanuts, Sesame Seeds, and Eggs.

NUTRITION PER SERVING 1 Slice 3.10oz/88g Calories 270, Fat 13g, Proteins 5g, Sugar 24g, Carbs 34g

THAWING INSTRUCTIONS Thaw in fridge 4-6 hours before eating or feel free to defrost it overnight.


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