Pro-Tips for Stocking and Organizing Your Freezer

Navigating the organized chaos of food storage can be daunting. There are numerous strategies to optimize storage from the FIFO (First In, First Out) method for ensuring freshness to the clarity provided by transparent containers. Dive in to unlock these organizational tips.

  1. The FIFO Method: Out with the old, in with the new

    Say hello to the First In, First Out method. Stack your meals in order of freshness, always reaching for the ones closest to expiring. Create a meal inventory list to track what's in your freezer and when you added it. This way, you'll never waste food again!

  2. Transparent Containers: See what's inside to use more 

    Leftovers are a blessing, but not when you leave them buried in the freezer. Using clear containers allows you to spot your meals quickly, plus, airtight seals protect your food from dreaded freezer burn, giving your meals an extended shelf life.

  3. Shelf or Drawer Dividers: Create clear zones

    Dividers for your shelves or drawers can increase your freezer space and separate meals for easy finding. You can use anything from wire baskets to plastic containers to create zones by meal time or by who eats what.

  4. Frozen Meals: Save space with flat packages

    Buying flat-packed meals or freezing them flat in rectangular bags or containers can save space and reduce the risk of freezer burn. Dos Amigas helps you stay organized with flavorful meals delivered in flat, easy-to-store packages.

  5. Spick and Span: Routinely clean out your freezer

    We recommend thoroughly checking all the items in your freezer at least once a month. If you come across any food that appears to be expired, has no label, or can’t recall putting it in the freezer, it’s best to toss it.

Frozen foods are a convenient and delicious solution for busy schedules. By stocking and organizing your freezer, quick and convenient meals are always at your fingertips. Make sure to keep your Dos Amigas favorites on hand for a nutritious and easy meal to satisfy the whole family.

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