Mexican Munchies for Ski Trips & Outdoor Family Adventures

Mexican Munchies for Ski Trips & Outdoor Family Adventures

The perfect day includes fresh snow, laughter echoing on the trails, and Dos Amigas' mouth-watering bites neatly packed for your journey. Whether you're out in the wilderness or embarking on a road trip, our convenient frozen packaging makes it a breeze. There’s no need for complicated cooking; just heat and serve. Dos Amigas is your ideal companion for delightful meals on the go, ensuring every adventure is filled with delicious memories.

First Tracks Breakfast Burritos

Fuel up with our Breakfast Burritos before you hit that powdery downhill or scenic trail. We've got your back from bacon, pork, and chicken chorizo to veggie and gluten-free. If DIY is your style, wrap some scrambled eggs, veggies, cheese, and chorizo into a tortilla. Adventure-proof your meal by rolling it in foil, and voilà, a mobile breakfast fit for champions.

Midday Mountain Quesadillas

Whether on a ski break or trail rest, when your stomach growls, our handmade corn quesadillas answer the call. Good-to-go, pick your fave: Poblano, Squash Blossoms, or Cheese. And hey, with our Salsa Belen and a squeeze of lime, you're in for an al fresco treat that rivals mountain views.

Apres-Ski Tacos Time

When shadows stretch, and you unclip your snowboard or boots, it's taco o'clock! Load up tortillas with Chicken Tinga, beans, and all the salsa goodness. Top them off with your choice of extras like lime and cilantro, and gather around the campfire or picnic spot. Don't forget the guacamole – it's the cherry on top of a perfect outdoor day.

See how easy it is to prep and serve! 

Starry Snacks: Nachos & Salsa

A Mexican food list would only be complete with nachos and salsa. A bowl of crunchy tortilla chips (here’s how to prepare Nachos yourself) with freshly made salsa or guacamole is an excellent snack for those midnight hunger pangs. 

Wrap up your outdoor adventures with Dos Amigas’ authentic Mexican food. From the slopes to the trails, just heat and serve our frozen mouth-watering delights easily. Our convenient packaging ensures your family memories are filled with delicious moments that bring everyone together around the campfire. Hungry for more adventure?  Dos Amigas has you covered. Dive into our blog for exciting tips and recipes!  🎿🌮🛷

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