School Fundraisers

Dos Amigas’ online meal order and delivery helps Metro Denver schools increase fundraising activities!

“We have been trying to diversify with something that doesn't require you to show up for an in-person event,” states Elisabeth Doherty, fundraising chair for Inspire Elementary. “Dos Amigas delivery is a really accessible option for fundraisers. They make it super easy, order online and it shows up at your door.”

Our mission is to provide traditional, authentic Mexican food, made with the best quality ingredients from original family recipes, and deliver it to your doorstep ready to heat and eat.

The way our fundraising works:

  • You select a one-week promotion period ending on a Wednesday
  • We create a flyer for you to print and promote the event within your community and school 
  • We create an online code to identify the orders coming from your school
  • We donate 20% of our profits made from your unique code prior to your delivery date
  • We close the ordering window at 8 pm the Tuesday night and deliver meals the following Wednesday

If you’d like to fundraise and promote your school with Dos Amigas, please get in touch with us using the form at the bottom of this page.

dos amigas fundraisers ready to go.  dos amigas meal unboxing.  dos amigas tortillas and other products on table

We are so excited at the chance to continue growing and supporting our community. 

Upcoming Fundraisers:

  • 12/8/21 Denver Language School
  • 1/12/21 Polaris
  • 1/19/21 Willow Elementary
  • 1/26/21 Bill Robers K-8
  • 4/6/21 Skinner Elementary
  • 4/13/21 Red Rocks Elementary
  • 4/26/21 Westerly Creek Elementary


Contact Us to Set Up Your Fundraiser