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Collection: Veggie Options

  • Does Dos Amigas have vegetarian food?

    Yes! Dos Amigas offers delicious vegetarian Mexican food options at an affordable price.

  • What are the main vegetarian Mexican dishes you offer?

    We offer a variety of vegetarian food such as Mexican rice with a rich flavor and red color given by tomatoes, refried pinto beans, Cheese poblano dips, Squash blossom corn and roasted poblano soup, Corn Quesadillas, Chilli Rellenos, Green salsa and more!

  • What is Dos Amiga’s salsa sample pack?

    This pack consists of 5 different salsa sauces that are perfect for all taste buds, ranging from mild to spicy!

  • What are Quesadillas?

    Our Quesadillas are made with special tortillas stuffed with loads of gooey melted cheese, made with all-natural ingredients.